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The City Music Collective is a Social Networking Tool for Musicians, Bands & Talent Buyers.About the City Music Collective - City Music Collective

Our Mission

To simplify the music industry by creating an "online" and "offline" professional "social networking" community and rewarding those who take it seriously.

About the City Music Collective


The City Music Collective, formerly Salt Lake City Music Collective or SLCMC, is a community of Musicians, Bands and Talent Buyers that have designed, by way of vote, a program to solve the current problems in the music industry. Members can attend monthly meetings to network with the local industry pros and earn endorsements from each other to build their professional music resume.

Each member builds his or her online profile as either a Musician, Talent Buyer or Manager. Once your profile is created, shows and endorsements will help you rise to the top and be promoted with funds paid for by the community.


Build your professional music resume. Connect with musicians, bands and talent buyers locally and nationwide.

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Build a professional resume as a band. Reach benchmarks set by the musician community to get promoted by the collective.

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Build your reputation as a talent buyer. Easily search a database of bands that have been rated by bands and other talent buyers.

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Now Accepting Bands & Musicians!

We are now accepting bands & musicians. Learn how to get CMC Certified for maximum exposure.

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Meet The Team

The driving force behind the City Music Collective is a group of musicians and people deeply rooted in the music scene.

Darren Farnsworth President & Founder

Darren has been involved in the music scene in the San Francisco Bay & Salt Lake City area for several years.

His most recent projects in Utah have been Honest Soul, Pour Horse, Bonanza Town, Tony Holiday & The Velvetones and Juana Ghani. His background in Online Marketing & Management creates the perfect recipe for the City Music Collective President.

Carrie Gerber Queen Promoter

Carrie has been an integral part in some of Utah's biggest Music Festivals including the Uncle Uncanny Annual Festival & Utah UU Showcases. She is also the Project Coordinator for One of Those Nights Productions.

Brennon Loveless Code Monkey

Brennon says "he owns a guitar" and "doesnt play one". Either way, he proves himself "worthy" by spinning the web into a sort of an orchestra. Dedicating his life to programming and web work he has earned the title Code Monkey while geeking down on some 1's & 0's. Especially when under the hood of CityMusicCollective.com.

Lisa Espinoza Photographer

Lisa loves shooting live events, bands, promo, natural light, candid, and portrait. Lisa's photography background consists of studying with a master of photography in Monterey, California for two years and has been a huge help with the CMC.

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