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There is something cool about what you do. Other people like it. There is a way to find others like you! I believe that the City Music Collective will help you find more fans and peers. #DudeThatWasSweetMan


The music and food parallel

When I prepare an entrée I use many spices because, as many of you know, I enjoy very spicy vegetarian food.   I am aware, however, that this flavor many not suit everyone’s tastes.  The same is true, which many of us seem to forget, in our taste for music.

When a song plays on an independent radio station, I often label its potential.  Even though I have dedicated three quarters of my life to music, I am often wrong. The same goes when I listen to the top 40.  A voice in my head yells, “how in the hell can people really like this?”, a reminder once again to all of us that everyone has different taste.

I guess what I am alluding to is that you should let your freak flag fly when it comes to your style of playing and creating music.  Don’t try to appease the top 40 listener or your closest peers.  Write what inspires you and play your style whether it be wild or reserved.  Let each song, recording or performance shape your craft.

Connecting with your musical peers

The City Music Collective has all the tools to help you connect as a musician.  Unlike other social network music sites, such as Reverb Nation, City Music Collective allows others to endorse you as a musician in one or all of the following:

  • Professionalism
  • Technical Ability
  • Sight Reading
  • Style
  • Soul & Ear

I would encourage you to create your profile on our “professional music social network” and I would also love your feedback on its concept.  Please comment below and share this site with your music peers.

About The Author

This was posted by Darren Farnsworth

Darren has been involved in the music scene in the San Francisco Bay & Salt Lake City area for several years.

His most recent projects in Utah have been Honest Soul, Pour Horse, Bonanza Town, Tony Holiday & The Velvetones and Juana Ghani. His background in Online Marketing & Management creates the perfect recipe for the City Music Collective President.


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