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When You Royally Screw Up On Stage... Also known as Shitting The Bed - (American) Failure of a device, usually in a non-repairable manner.


Definition of "Shit the bed" According to UrbanDictionary.com
(American) Failure of a device, usually in a non-repairable manner.

Over the 20+ years of playing live music, there is no shame in saying that I have $h*t the bed countless times. It’s really all part of perfecting your craft as a musician.

To elaborate, I am going to equate this to bowling. You aim to get a “strike” every time, but as we all know, not every throw is golden. Thus,  your next throw is to pick up the remaining pieces. Obviously the more practice that you have had doing this, the better you become at your overall game.

So how is it that you can shit the bed musically speaking?

  • You either start the song off in the wrong key, tempo or rhythm and cannot figure how to get it right

  • You go for a solo or fill and your brain, fingers or mouth lock up

  • Even though falling down, tripping or etcetera isn’t directly music related, it’s sure to mess up your performance

  • And so on...

How do you recover from shitting the bed? First off, it’s all about keeping your cool. Do your best to get back on your feet with a smile. Don't get mad at yourself. Delete that moment instantly from your consciousness and don’t over or under play. Keep the volume or dynamics exactly where it would have been with “clean sheets”.

In conclusion, there is no need to beat yourself up after the fact. Remind yourself that it is all part of perfecting your craft.

With that said, who has some dirty laundry that needs some airing? Go on, I dare you! Tell us a “dirty” story of you on stage “shitting the bed” in the Facebook comment box below.

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His most recent projects in Utah have been Honest Soul, Pour Horse, Bonanza Town, Tony Holiday & The Velvetones and Juana Ghani. His background in Online Marketing & Management creates the perfect recipe for the City Music Collective President.


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