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Get your band known "with a little help from your friends". Join this community of musicians, bands and talent buyers are all pitching in to help each other grow to become more professional and successful.A Social Network For Bands by Musicians - City Music Collective

Be an Official City Music Collective Band


If you are in a band, you can register your band to start to build and or maintain it’s reputation in the music scene. Each Musician can add or manage one Band with their $50 / year membership.

  • Get promoted! If your band meets community chosen benchmarks you become Certified and automatically promoted.
  • Build a professional resume as a band
  • Earn endorsements on your bands technical ability, style & professionalism
  • Get rated by your peers - actual dedicated music lovers, and get rewarded for your quality of musicianship and songwriting, not by politics, connections and industry ad campaigns or influence
  • You can upload all of your covers and originals into your profile
  • Your band can be found by quantity of original and or cover music that you play
  • Find and follow, and/or get found and followed by talent buyers, bands, musicians and songwriters based upon ratings, genre and shows that have been played
  • Get booked through the site and build a commitment with the talent buyer. After the show, you are both asked to rate each other on that commitment.
  • Book your bands whole tour using the tour builder and mapping tool. From contact to signed contract to publishing your schedule. You can even customize your contract/rider by adding and removing line items. [coming soon]

Become a Member

The CMC acts like an agency for Certified Bands but does not take a percentage of the gigs that are booked and there are no contracts! You just pay $50 / year to be a musician.

There are two phases for bands in the City Music Collective.

Non Certified Bands
Non-Certified Bands will have a road map and help along the way to become certified. Certification has nothing to do with personal style or genre. It’s all about hitting the benchmarks that have been decided by the Collective Members.

Certified Bands
The active Certified Bands will be promoted on and offline with the funds collected by all of the Music Collective Members. CMC and all of its Social Pages will highlight the Certified Bands, their gigs and showcase their band on a public facing profile page.

Again, any band can become certified regardless of style or management likeability. We have surveyed Musicians and have come up with the following criteria to be and maintain certification.

  • Must have at least one City Music Collective Member in the band
  • Must be able to perform 60 minutes of Original or Cover Music
  • Must have a website that is maintained
  • Must have a Social Media Presence of 750 followers
  • Must have and maintain a Facebook page
  • Must have at least one album out and available on iTunes
  • Must be professional and maintain an 8 out of 11 Star Rating by Talent Buyers
  • Must have at least one semi-professional+ live video on YouTube or Vimeo
  • Must have proof of playing a show or festival to 300 or more people
  • Must have a Press Kit or Digital Press Kit

You can be added into multiple bands but only one band can be managed by one musician. So, another musician will need to become a member to create or manage that band. Once the new band is created, you can be added as a musician. All of the bands that you play or have played in will build in your Musician Timeline.

The rating will be a mix of “Yes & No” on certain criteria as well as a “1-11 Star Rating” for things such as creativity, ability, reliability & professionalism. These ratings will only be visible amongst Bands, Musicians and Talent Buyers.

“Musician to Musician”, “Musician to Band”, “Band to Talent Buyer” or “Talent Buyer to Band” Ratings
These ratings will continually accrue scoring throughout the life of your membership. The better known musician, talent buyer or band's ratings will give you higher endorsement

“Band & Talent Buyer” or “Band & Venue” Ratings
These ratings will be based on gigs arranged through the City Music Collective. After each gig the Band will be asked to rate the Talent Buyer or Venue. These ratings will only be displayed to active Music Collective Members. This may be the most important piece in acquiring new gigs and maintaining current gigs.

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