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Earn endorsements on your technical ability, style & professionalism.A Social Network For Musicians by Musicians - City Music Collective

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If you are a professional musician, you can register your profile and add the instrument or instruments that you play.

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  • Build a professional resume as a musician for each instrument that you play
  • Build a history of Band(s) that you currently play or have played in
  • Earn endorsements on your technical ability, style & professionalism
  • Find and follow musicians based on ratings, genre and the instruments that they play
  • Be found and followed by musicians and songwriters based on ratings, genre and the instruments that you play

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YES. Any musician can join the City Music Collective. You can play any genre of music and can be at any skill level from beginner to pro.

As a City Music Collective Musician, you will have the ability to create a profile and build or maintain a professional reputation in the music scene. Your profile will allow you to select the instrument or instruments that you play. Plus, you will be able to rate and be rated on each instrument.

You also will be allowed to attend closed to the public City Music Collective Meetings which will take place locally in certain markets. These meetings will have key note speakers, photo shoots and video interviews which will help you get the word out.

Create / Manage a Band
As a Member, you will be add or create one band. Each band has the ability to become CMC Certified

Book Gigs
You will be able to use the CMC Online Member Page to book a gig with a CMC Certified Venue. This tool will allow you to verify the date, time, compensation and various items such as sound; is it supplied, do you need to bring a PA, is there a sound guy and etc. Once the terms are agreed upon, your gig will appear on the CMC’s Public Calendar. After your gig, you and that venue can rate each other. This will be a huge benefit to you, other bands and other venues. As you build your profile and maintain a level of professionalism, more venues will want to hire you. You will also know whether venues have not paid, double booked or any other things that may help you to know whether to trust that venue or not.

You can be added into multiple bands but only one band can be managed by one musician. So, another musician will need to become a member to create or manage that band. Once the new band is created, you can be added as a musician. All of the bands that you play or have played in will build in your Musician Timeline.

The rating will be a mix of “Yes & No” on certain criteria as well as a “1-11 Star Rating” for things such as creativity, ability, reliability & professionalism. These ratings will only be visible amongst Bands, Musicians and Talent Buyers.

“Musician to Musician”, “Musician to Band”, “Band to Talent Buyer” or “Talent Buyer to Band” Ratings
These ratings will continually accrue scoring throughout the life of your membership. The better known musician, talent buyer or band's ratings will give you higher endorsement

“Band & Talent Buyer” or “Band & Venue” Ratings
These ratings will be based on gigs arranged through the City Music Collective. After each gig the Band will be asked to rate the Talent Buyer or Venue. These ratings will only be displayed to active Music Collective Members. This may be the most important piece in acquiring new gigs and maintaining current gigs.

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